Mega Obesity Camp held in Meerut on 3rd August 2016

Name of Doctor’s From BLK:

Dr Deep Goel (Director, Surgical Oncology, Bariartic and Minimal access surgery)

Dr Lokesh Kumar (Director & HOD, Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery)

Dr Anirudh (Resident, GI Surgery)

External Doctor Involved: 

Dr Sunil Jindal (Chairman, JIndal Nursing Home)

—Services Offered during camp:

Blood Sugar Check up

Blood Pressure Check up

Fat content Analysis

BMI Check up

Diet Counselling

Consultation by Doctors

Expected Patients: 100

Actual patients: 165

Potential patients (BMI< 40): 35-40

—Highlights during camp:

we have started the activity sharp in time at 9:00 0’clock as all paramedics and supporting staff were ready with registrations in time, we have deployed a DRI for each services offered by BLK to avoid inconvenience for patients.

patients who were filtered with BMI more than 30 with co morbid conditions were sent to Dr Deep for consultation, and without co morbid conditions to Dr Lokesh Kumar.

As this was a first obesity awareness activity in the city so we had a print media coverage for same in local new papers next day.

—Follow up plan:

Details of each and every attending patients are kept and will be send a thank you message for attending the camp.

Prospective patients (35-40) will be send a personalized message from Dr Deep along with a phone call for conversion.


A cumulative effort of all team members and guidance from all seniors had made this event a grand success.

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