Gastric Lap Band Surgery

Gastric lap band surgery is a reversible procedure in which inflatable band is placed in the upper part of the stomach which creates two pouches in the stomach. A small opening allows tiny amount of food to go in and the food remains for the longer period in the stomach so one feels full most of the time. This gastric lap band surgery not only restricts the amount of food one can eat but makes persons have early satiety. This gastric lap band is an effective method to lose weight also diabetes resolution happens up to 50%.

Advantages Of Gastric Lap Band Surgery

Gastric lap band surgery is a reversible procedure and technically easy to do.

Disadvantage Of Gastric Lap Band Surgery

In gastric lap band surgery there is a foreign body inside in one’s body. People can cheat by taking high calorie frequent liquids. Weight loss is up to 50-60% of extra body weight.


Do I need to adjust the band?
In gastric lap band surgery band needs to be adjusted 3-5 times in a year for a very good optimal result. Sometimes it needs to be tightened and sometimes needs to be loosened.

Is there any restriction to what I can eat?
Avoid food which is thick having more starch content like bread, rice and pasta. Also one should avoid high calorie liquids like aerated drinks and alcohol extra. One should start exercising or any other physical activity to learn to live healthily.

Will other diseases like diabetes get better with band?
Yes, some of the disease like high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes gets resolved to some extent as you lose weight. In gastric lap band surgery, the weight loss is slower than other surgeries and also the amount of weight loss may not be similar to other surgeries.

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